"I ordered the buffalo cauliflower salad with a mango mix smoothie. I wished I took a picture but I was overly excited to bite into my meal. Food was flavorful, delicious, full fulling and importantly healthy. I already planned to return and try the other menu options."

Liz T.

"Butchers Vegetables is a healthy choice for a filling lunch! They have a variety of options of lunches and smoothies. The easy Tom is my favorite! Everything I've eaten is delicious though. Their place is always so welcoming, cute, and clean! Customer services is awesome as well."

Nicole B.

"Extremely welcoming workers and the food is even better. Sweet potato quesadilla is a mouthwatering hit and is one of the best quesadillas I've had. Portbella burger was surprisingly good considering its not beef and I've been an Adamant meat eater most of my life. Went here on a whim and sure am glad I did. They also packed my meal with some bonus fruit and a lil flower. A sweet touch nonetheless. A++"

Seth A.

"Everything is fresh and tasty and cooked perfectly. Chipotle has a nice kick to it. The garlic avocado toast was a real treat."

Sean D.

"An amazing healthy lunch place with quality food and great service. I wish there was one of these where I live."

Chad K.

"Great vegetarian place in muscatine. They have lots of options on their menu. Also serves juices and smoothies for those of you on liquid diets! Reasonably priced. Wish hours were extended."

Aracely M.

"I'm not vegetarian, but I like trying new foods. Their Black Bean & Portabella burger was AMAZING. Low carbon footprint feel to the place; No plastic bags, and I'm sure they grow/cultivate a lot of the things they serve themselves! Yes, absolutely, I recommend this place. I don't eat out for lunch often, but I'll be swinging by again soon."

Jake T.